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Dynamite Comes in Small Packages will help you to see that there’s a certain anatomy to these moments.

When you learn these patterns, mind-sets, and intentional strategies that contributed to your involvement in these magic moments, you will then realise you can create your own “dynamite” moments with your brand and campaigns in South Africa.

Dynamite boards are found in residential setups, mostly in townships of South Africa. They’re strategically positioned to drive the brands and campaigns at home.

These spectacular boards are 3m x 6m in size and are flighted with PVC banners and their elevation is super for eye reach. They are found in the following townships of South Africa:

• Soweto
• Tembisa
• Gugulethu
• Mdantsane
• Galeshewo

Dynamite boards are installed on top of Informal Point of Sales (IPOS) in the townships and locals call them Spaza Shops.

“Identify with the crowd.”

Spaza shops in South Africa have an estimated annual revenue of R7 billion and are a significant retail channel. – Christy Tawii, Euromonitor International

These IPOS are well profiled as biggest player in the township economy; just imagine your brand and campaign in-front of this profile. These include grocery, hair salon, upholstery, mini-hardwares and local spares shops just to mention a few.

Target Market:

• FMCG Brands
• Funeral Insurance
• Banking Sector
• Political Campaigns
• Stokvel Products
• Restaurants (KFC, Nandos and Pizza brands)
• Government Campaigns


Stand out.


Be visible.

capture hearts and minds

This media platform is closer to home and it support radio and TV Advertising. Dynamite boards support small medium businesses from revenue perspective. A percentage received from advertising is paid to owners of businesses to empower themselves going forward.

Benefits of Dynamite Boards:

• Good PR
• Local benefaction and participation.
• Placing brand at the point of sale and centre of attention.
• Low entry cost to shared value marketing.

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