Free Standing Billboards

24-hour Exposure

If you are looking for head-turning, unavoidable, spectacular outdoor advertising, our large format outdoor billboards are just what you need to communicate, inform, entertain and persuade your audience.

Our illuminated super structures can be found throughout southern Africa, including Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town and offer unmatched locations with 24-hour exposure.

“communicate, inform and persuade.”

Our 3m x 6m and 12m x 9m and 9m x 6m township billboards can be found close to taxi ranks, commuting points and the major entrances and exits of various townships and are perfect to target the lower LSMs.

Let us help you communicate, inform, entertain and persuade your potential clients with creative artwork. Our graphic designers specialise in out-of-home media and are available to assist you in creating spectacular messages.

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