Mobile Billboards

Get Maximum Exposure

Generally, we do our best to give our clients maximum value for money within the budget that we are given.

There are a few determining factors that can help with lowering rates or lengthening advertising campaigns.

Firstly, the number of trailers that you use can lower your rate quite substantially. As with other outdoor advertising media, it’s all about the numbers. The more exposure you have, the more impact your trailer advertising campaign will create during its duration.

What we have found to work quite well in creating maximum impact is with multiple trailers and by moving them from target area to target area, you will capture the full attention of your target zone, making it near impossible for motorists to miss. What’s more, they will most likely see your ad again and again.

Repetition is great for awareness and if the trailers are placed correctly you could get your clients passing your ad multiple times on the way to work and on the way home from work.

“Repetition is great for awareness.”

The other frequently used method is to store your advertising artwork for reuse at a later date.

We do not charge our clients for this facility but do request that they inform us that they wish to re-utilize them at a later date.

This works exceptionally well with yearly events or industry busy periods like schools at year end or restaurant busy seasons and usually all we have to do is give them a good wash down and place some clever vinyl stickers over any date or evidence that the advert was used in the past.


Be mobile


Be visible.

Our locations

We have hundreds of different trailer locations that we use in the greater Johannesburg area each one is designed to gain the maximum exposure and sighting for your trailer, we will however customize a route for your campaign and will work with you until we have the perfect route plan.

We would usually move the trailers every 3 to 4 working days which gives you around 7 locations for the month.

Not each of these have to be unique, however, and we can revisit your favourite or most successful location more than once over a one month campaign period.

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