Our Services

Advertising mural walls

Diversity Media is a wall mural advertising company with nationwide OOH wallscapes for hand painted advertisements.

We provide a large inventory of exterior walls for street art advertising murals. In addition, we paint our murals primarily with spray paint and airbrush technology. As a result, this form of outdoor advertising is very popular because the advertising mural painting process can create content to be shared via social media.

If you are looking for head-turning, unavoidable, spectacular outdoor advertising, our large format outdoor billboards are just what you need to communicate, inform, entertain and persuade your audience.

Our illuminated super structures can be found throughout southern Africa, including Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town and offer unmatched locations with 24-hour exposure.

taxi rank advertising

This is a vibrant on the go outdoor advertising medium. It involves the branding of either or both the exterior or the interior of mini-bus taxis for maximum impact and exposure. We are able to brand the taxi rank.

The success of taxi advertising is mainly due to the fact that minibus taxis are the only method to really carry advertisements to the high density townships, urban / per-urban / rural areas, on a repeat basis every day.


Empower your brand.

Wider audience due to the increasing population on the move.

Strengthen brand recall, dominance and customer loyalty.

Promote sales through strategic campaigns and promotions.

Capture and engage your audience through strategic positioning.

We deliver frequency through repeat exposure at no extra costs.

Cost effective reach per thousand compared to other media.