Taxi Advertising

everywhere and on-the-go

Taxi advertising is a vibrant on-the-go outdoor advertising medium.

It involves the branding of either (or both) the exterior or the interior of mini-bus taxis for maximum impact and exposure.

We are able to brand the taxi rank with your brand.

The success of taxi advertising is mainly due to the fact that minibus taxis are the only method to really carry advertisements to the high density townships, urban / per-urban / rural areas, on a repeat basis every day.

Why Use Taxi Advertising?

The facts speak for themselves:

Mobile Branding
100 taxis collectively travel 800 000kms per month

High Reach
100 taxis generate 20 million impacts per month

Low Wastage
Geographical targeting is possible

Long Exposure Times
Taxi commuters spend on average 20 minutes in queue waiting for a taxi

Zero Tune-Out Zones
Can’t turn off the taxi environment advertising messages

Captive Audience
Commuters spend on average 59 minutes per day inside a taxi

Direct Response and Measurable
Lead generation and conversion to sales

Economically Active Commuters
84% of taxi commuters are household purchase decision makers

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