Taxi Rank Advertising

be centre stage

BRANDING OF TAXI RANKS gives you highly visible, around-the-clock exposure. It ensures maximum impact at various points.

Rank branding affords advertisers the exclusive opportunity to “own” the multiple branding opportunities within the rank environment, immersing their brand in the daily comings and goings of the commuter.

The objective of taxi rank branding is to create conversation right in the centre stage and space of commuters.

Taxi Ranks command a huge number of traffic and human movement at any time of the day.

"Hit many birds with one stone."

Taxi ranks are in demand for one good reason, they are a one-stop station for brands that want to hit “many birds with one stone”.

It’s an obvious fact that from a demographics point of view taxi ranks attract youth and old people, different family orientation, various socio-economic status, and different religious and political beliefs.

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