Wall Mural Advertising

nationwide reach

Diversity Media is a wall mural advertising company with nationwide out-of-home (OOH) wallscapes for hand painted advertisements.

We provide a large inventory of exterior walls for street art advertising murals. In addition, we paint our murals primarily with spray paint and airbrush technology. As a result, this form of outdoor advertising is very popular because the advertising mural painting process can create content to be shared via social media.

Furthermore, the walls we have are located in high traffic areas and generate a lot of impressions.

Diversity Media partners with various media companies across the country that allow us to hand paint wall mural advertising projects on their walls. 

"Long-term and high visibility."

Diversity Media manages several properties for rotating public art but they cannot include any call to action or logos.

The plus side is that these murals can stay for the long-term since we use high quality material. As a result, these are also great solutions for filming a temporary mural process.

Our mural company specialises in interactive ground level murals. In other words, we want the public to be able to appreciate the hand painted qualities of the artwork up close. As a result, we focus on the detail and quality of our artwork.

Legality of Wall Mural Advertising?

There are often many questions about the legality of advertising through wall murals.

We would highly recommend that you consult with local governments as laws vary in different countries.

Since we are based in South Africa, we have more knowledge here than in other countries.

• Firstly, the property needs to be zoned for advertisements.

• Secondly, there’s a limit to the size of the wall mural advertisement.

• Thirdly, if there needs to be any kind of swing stage setup, our artists need to be certified for such projects.

Finally, we need to make sure there is nothing offensive and run the artwork by the property owner as well.

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